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Organic Health

Plants, seed, garden produce & products available.
Plants are propagated onsite

Why choose our plants?

Get a head start to thriving on the capeflats.

We are plant nursemaids. Plants are well cared for using ethically responsible, soil boosting permaculture-organic-growing methods.

No synthetics: petro-chemical fertilizers /hormones /pesticides.
  • Packaged plants include a generous amount of PUZA supersoil; ‘padkos’ for plants until they’re established in your space.
  • Root space friendly packaging. Strong roots = resilient plants.
  • Get access to edu-training. Learn our indigenous techniques of eco-friendly shoe-string budget, low tech successful growing in urbanized marshlands.


Plants are propagated onsite and acclimated to the Cape Flats’ urban biome of strandveldt-marshland sandy soils.

We appreciate tried and tested local products,
especially knowing that ingredients are ethically sourced and its overall footprint is eco-responsible:

Stay tuned as we add products crafted from seasonal produce grown in our organic permaculture garden.

… some are long standing inter-generational recipes passed down.

and a few are sound modern updates we simply adore using ...

Khoelife – Saving our skins and the environment!

  • Organic & natural products, carbon neutral.
  • Hand Made, cooked on solar power & biogas.
  • Vegan friendly & not tested on animals.

Are you the kind of person who loves taking care of your body, your home and your pets using natural products?

Then our organic and natural range of handcrafted products, made with renewable energy are just for you!

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Copy ‘n paste your order/product enquiry & Plantup-za will co-ordinate with Prof Yvette of Khoelife.

Khoelife is based on a small holding in Gordon’s Bay, a seaside village just outside Cape Town.

All Khoelife products are either ORGANIC or NATURAL in the truest sense. 

Whether you are washing your hair, your baby or your pets, we have soaps, shampoos, oils and lotions to nourish and restore your skin to good health.

Your skin absorbs 40% of what you put on it, it becomes rather important what you use to clean yourself with and use as a moisturiser. Using renewable energy, rainwater, manual labour and keeping alive Khoesan values while updating them with new technologies, our products are ideal for modern homes.

Our products are definitely, absolutely, NOT tested on animals – there are enough human volunteers, very willing to try out our new products.

Contact Khoelife should you wish to have soaps made specific to your workplace, event, a wedding or any special occasions or any enquiry related to their product range.

Contact: or
Landline: +27 21 782 9123
Mobile: +27 83 861 5600Y