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  • Recommended for larger plants, bushes and sapling trees.
  • Position these below vertically hanging growbag stacks; to collect all the run-off water dripping from vertical columns of  hanging growbags.
  • Great companion planting.
  • Soil regenerating: Water wise inside and outside the bag = run off benefits surrounding earth allowing compact guild growing. space saving denser ‘food forest’ growth without root space competition.
  • A barrier to moles and invasive tree roots.
  • Use as a protective liner inside planters; especially cement's fly/coal ash and tannins in wooden boxes.

A selection of ground level plant containers.

Choose the configuration that suits your needs best.
  • Grow plants in our removable PUZAtjube 28 litre pots, or fill PUZAcurtain pouches with potting soil.
  • Use as a hanging seed starter: out of reach of curious pets.
  • Water wise: re-use water run-off nutrients drainage filtering down through tier levels.
  • Grow shallow rooting plants.

Triple pouched #PUZAcurtain growbag options.

Select your favourite configuration: Add more water wise components.
  • Grow a healthy mix of companion plants. Tall thrillers on top tier, fillers in the middle and spillers in bottom tier.
  • Save time; nutrients, water and recycle kitchen waste in mini earthworm farm in central maintenance chamber.
  • Trickle down irrigation = less soil nutrient feed required per plant.

Triple tiered hanging growbag display variations.

  • Select your favourite configuration.
  • Add more water wise components & stack growbags into columns.
  • Save time; feed, water and composted kitchen waste in mini earthworm farm via top of central maintenance chamber.
  • Trickle down irrigation = less soil feed amendments required per plant.

Hanging growbag with three pouches connected to a central chamber.