Growbag Containers

Designed + QC engineered for joy filled plants!
Client exclusive usage tips and tricks! Frugal, organic permaculture for urbanites.

Fabric Planter Pots

Growbags made onsite
Created for RSA urban conditions.

Benefits of our multi functional planters.

  • Different sizes and styles available for small & large plants, bushes and sapling trees.
  • Companion planting & protection guilds.
  • Seedstarting and nursing simplified.
  • Soil regeneration: nurturing soil biome.
  • Water wise both inside and outside growbags.
  • Space saving
  • Bypass root space competition.
  • Barrier to moles and opportunistic outsider roots.
  • Protective liner inside other common planters; protect against petro chemical leaching plastic, cement's fly/coal ash and tannins from wood timber.
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