Tjube Growbag

Threex 3.3Litre fabric plant pots per pack!
Improved design for RSA conditions = now with Black outer & tan inner grow space. Signup for Free Membership at website and get discounted prices


3x Tjube growbags per pack
Each Tjube holds 3.3Litres. Images show 2017 drought in already challenging marshland desertification soil erosion conditions. Want to learn from experience? Use whatsapp chat button and get on the PUZA inside track.

  • Designed for small to medium plants.
  • Three PUZAtjubes per hanging PUZAcurtain growbag style.
    Save water with gravity fed irrigation through vertically stacks.
  • Protective liner inside wooden crates and concrete planters. Are you aware that these leach destructive wood tannic acids & petrochmical sludge?
  • Propagate cuttings and runners e.g. strawberry plants.

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Weight .1 g