Shrub Pod Growbag

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45L standalone fabric growbag container

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UPDATED DESIGN: Outer cladding added
Size: 45L container. 50x30x30 cm
1x ShrubPod fabric growbag protects and nourishes shrubs.

  • Has Granadilla tree jumping the boundary wall.
    Wilde Als (Artemesia Afra) going bos
    & 8ft tall cannabliss growing rampant in our smallspace backyard on the CapeFlats with it’s ultra harsh biome conditions! All thanks to this #PUZAshrubPod growbag!
  • Water wise inside the bag = less water required.
    Water wise Outside the bag = run off benefits surrounding soil allowing ‘compact food forest’ growth without root space competition.
  • Barrier to moles and invasive tree roots.
  • Breathing fabric = Aerated root space: more active topsoil created by soil organisms feeding your plant’s roots. Expect  stronger faster plant growth
  • Requires less water and nutrient feeds than standard anaerobic plant pots.

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