Pepino melon plants

Young plants available: Fruit taste of sweet melon (spanspek) with a hint of cucumber.

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Solanum muricatum
Pepino melon is an evergreen perennial shrub native to the mild Andean regions of Colombia, Peru and Chile, South America. Solanaceae = Nightshade tomato family

Growth: Height: +50cm Spread: +70cm

  • Grow in warm semi-shaded + wind protected spaces in Cape Town.
    May require staking support for heavy fruit which droop to the ground.
  • Fruits are thirst quenching and taste of sweet melon (spanspek) with a hint of cucumber.
  • Pepino melon is ripe when it turns a pale creamy yellow with vivid purple stripes.
    Harvest the pepino fruit just before it is fully ripe and it will store at room temperature for several weeks.

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