OctoTower Growbag

NEWLY IMPROVED DESIGN = Frugal gardening excellence.  135L fabric garden plant container. Black sun resistant outer ‘n Tan inner growspace. A bargain at double the price. Don’t accept mediocre imitation knock-offs support RSA locals.

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Size: 135L @ 70×50 cm
NEWLY IMPROVED 2021 DESIGN UPDATE = Frugal gardening excellence.

Sun resistant outer skirts plus larger side pockets.
Eight rooting pockets arranged around a central tower.
All pockets share rootspace within the central tower.

  • Add companion plants in the 8 side pockets.
  • Harvest and grow more rootveg from a single plant with ‘potato tower hilling method’
    = fish out rootveg harvests from side pockets.
  • Grow companion veg, herbs, flowers, shrubs and even 8ft tall sweetcorn.

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Weight 200 g


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