Cube gb + Herbs


Pre-planted 27Litre plant container includes soil and plants



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27 Litre #PUZAcube growbag pre-planted with seasonal herbs

  • #PUZACube square foot growbag (30x30x30cm)
  • + 30dm Prime plantup-za topsoil soil.
  • + 1x Perennial Herb as main feature: *choose from option boxes when placing order online.
  • + Seasonal herbs like dhania-coriander, parsley, chives – spring onion,


~ Water Wise Inside and outside the growbag = less water required in active topsoil conditions nurtured inside growbag.

~ Water Wise Outside the bag = run off benefits surrounding ‘food forest’ growth without root space competition + water trees via PUZAcubes placed around tree trunk.

~ Barrier to moles and invasive tree roots.

~ Acts as protective liner for planters made of cement (fly/coal ash) or wood (acidic tannins & curing chemicals.)

Additional information

Weight N/A
Herb choice

Lemon Balm, Majoram, Mint, Origanum, Rosemary, Thyme