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Helping Hands Needed


#kidsGardenClub begins; GradeR's bring kitchen cuttings for their 1st CompostPod

First Stop: Steenberg Primary School to assist with establishing, and most importantly, maintaining a food garden on site alongside pupils and teachers; with the kind involvement and endorsement of the school body and staff.

Next on List: ditto @ Harmony Primary School in the new year, depending on school's renovation plans. But, our growbags are super portable so we can always move it out of the way while building reconstruction is happening.

THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT ... Plantup-za has moved to SSubs Cape Town since October 2016 ... Renovating and reconditioning my childhood home into a Community Garden Nursery;  as HEADQUARTERS for Steenberg school kids garden club: A community garden, environmental conservation and educational hub. (lots to be done.)

Meshbags made into windbreaks and shadeclothesHOW YOU MAY HELP and WHAT IS NEEDED ?

Send us your unwanted household & garden waste ... Your assistance required in #CapeTown #SSubs ... Tell a southern friend or two ... We’d like to #recycle #repurpose your rubbish.


♻ Kitchen waste: raw peels & cuttings (N.B. excepting potato skins which carry diseases affecting small plants)
♻ and garden waste (pruned branches, leaves, grass clippings etc... Plain cardboard (brown rough cardboard boxes, (uncoated with plastic/shiny glossy sealant)

Prepping 1x2m raisedbed with green/ brown/ wet/ dry lasagne composting layersHOUSEHOLD WASTE

♻ Mesh veggie/fruit net-packaging bags
Before you chuck your mesh-bags away. Donate them for hand stitching up windbreaks against #CapeDoctor howling winds ... 
♻2 litre bottles
♻ 5 litre bottles
♻ Buckets
♻ Stakes (old broom handles, 2meter & 3meter poles/planks/rods wood or metal) for windbreaks & climbing veg like tomatoes.
♻ for veggie bed Borders; old bricks, planks, washing line.

QC pilot raisedbed = All this from #zerowaste #zeromanure #greywater DROP OFF POINTS See maps below
@FranzSq, Steenberg: by arrangement only, please Contact Davina cell/whatsapp: 0822234956 or via IM messengerApp
@SteenbergPrimarySchool During school hours only. Contact Miss Ely (receptionist) / Principal Mrs Dick tel: 021 7014372

PUZA-BOXES daily drop off points for kitchen scraps .
@Four Sons Cafe #3 Symphony Avenue, Steenberg.
@Moegamat's Fruit 'n Veg cnr Orchestra street & Symphony Avenue (opposite Steenberg Highschool's main entrance)

PUZA boxes daily drop off pointsI will be donating my knowledge, experience, time and labour in setting up the Grade R's garden alongside pupils, teachers and volunteer community members. As well as a portion of PLANTUP-ZA products and services  profits goes toward keeping things running smoothly.

We'll be building our raised beds (1x2 meter growbags) layering in sheet mulch materials as collected by pupils and community. Teaching kids how to recycle/re-purpose common wasted resources into useful items for garden use ... bed borders, windbreaks, watering cans, seedling cloches, pest protectors, slow drip deep root watering pods, grey water filters. Meanwhile the older kids (grade 3 to Grade7) will be nurturing their seedCUBES in preparation for transplanting into Grade R's raised beds. Composting and mixing up plant food teas and pest repelling concoctions. And, soo muched planned  for once we have sustainable momentum going ...

Kindly help speed things along.

We need financial support, cash goes a long way toward filling out the insurmountable gaps. 
# to sponsor materials required for kids training workshops,
# cover cost of  materials & manufacture of growbags required to ensure a successful gardening outcome in drought and water restrictions. 
# Costs of meeting people halfway ... transportation, admin, communication (things that simply don't grow on trees)
# Sponsor promotional monthly prizes to motivate participants (scholars, teaching staff, parents and supporting community)

N.B. A percentage of all Plantup-za product sales goes towards KidsGardenClub:
Purchase your growbags and accessories safely and securely via shopify on facebook linked here. 


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EFT to Banking Details:
Standard Bank
Cape Gate Branch
Branch code: 051001
A/c holder: D.C.Doyle
A/c/#: 387806199

Drop off point maps