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  • Trade commission; become a sales agent / affiliate : entrepreneurs, fundraisers and community builders wanted.
    ~~ INVITATION ~~Retail trade & Agents wanted: Earn extra income, Sell our growbags and/or supply *pre-planted Plantup-za goods to friends, neighbours, family and local businesses etc... *Pre-planted means 'All inclusive' = plants, amended soil, PUZA growbags and transplanting labour provided. Visit our agents and retailers for ideas inspiration to supply to your neighbourhood. A super fantastic value added service. See PUZA's FIND@ calendar & retail outlets. 

    Communal neighbourhood & school gardens: We'd love to get involved with your community and fundraising projects !!

Product info: Tech Specs:

  • Super Waterwise, Uses less water. Slows down water run-off and evaporation.
    Specific geo-fabric's moisture control properties allows for more active topsoil. Fabric ensures that entire growbag is kept filled with topsoil not only the traditional top few inches and everything below that is lifeless and of no use to roots other than for anchorage. 
    Slows water flow (without bogging up) = chance for humus and other organic matter to soak up and retain more water.

  • Micro-fibre blend in classic all weather tweed-weave allows the 'goldilocks of just right' air flow for roots. This product breathes and sweats.
    Roots are air pruned, so no pot bound choked root systems. Airflow encourages plants to develop more productive fine roots and well developed root hairs to absorb more nutrient containing moisture. Damaging salts are sweated out. Green moss alerts you when soil is too rich, or over fed and you need to slow down with the nitrates soil ammendments. 

  • Chemically inert and chemically stable fibre, as used for outdoor signage, patio, garden and poolside soft furniture. 
    Won't react to soil chemical processes such as the acidic by products of biodegrading organic matter.
    Won't crack and perish as with petro-chemical based plastics, chemically rubberized "geo-fabrics", short lived vinyl and chemically unstable plastics that chip,crumble and disintergrate (rot) with exposure to the sun and other weather elements over time. 

  • Each style of growbag is specifically design to enhance these beneficial properties of fabric's fibres and weave construction. Re-enforced load bearing seams and other added safety construction techniques ensure dependable and safe hanging garden growbag containers.
    Small pocket mouths with large belly for added rootspace = minimal soil exposure to parching elements (sun, wind etc) and less water loss due to evaporation.

  • Development history: see About page

Product care and maintenance:

  • Growbag Wash Care: machine washable instructions do's & don'ts for hygiene and longevity
    Our woven geo-fabric growbags are machine washable max 40 deg Celsius;
             – Fibre; may weaken, deteriorate, melt when exposed: over time or in direct contact:  to temperatures above 90 degrees Celsius.
    Preferably COLD WASH MACHINE CYCLE; ensure soil and other debris have been brushed off.
    Do not use fabric softener, Do not bleach, Do not tumble dry, Drip dry, DO NOT IRON, 
    STORE IN A COOL DRY PLACE; when not in use
  • Click to see suggested rigging and suspension ideas.
    Start observing microclimate of the vertical spaces available to you.
    Is it suitable for sun loving, dappled shade or shade friendly plants? 
    Research which small to medium sized plants would be suitable for your chosen space.

    Sturdy support and general safety considerations; 
    Take into account fully grown plants and water weight of each suspended growbag ~ small 2-5kg and large 5-10kg.

  • Plantup-za makes S-hooks which fit  70mm thick support structures (e.g. vibrecrete walls, overhead beams on veranda and car ports, picket fencing etc.) 

Email me for quotes and further advice today!