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Option #1=1x CURTAIN Hanging 
growbag style has 3 planting pouches.

Curtain Growbag

CURTAIN Hanging growbag style has 3 planting pouches.
+ Grow a companionable mix of shallow rooting herbs, flowers and or edibles.
+ Use as a seed starter.
+ Size: +/- 80 x 30cm  
+ 5-10kg weight when soil is saturated with water and plants are fully grown.
+ Use with Plantup-za's TJUBES ( see available options)  or standard plant pots or fill directly with potting mix.
+ Growbags made from durable and chemically inert geo-fabric.
+ Machine washable (cold washing machine cycle)
Suggestions:Thread 3 to 4x CURTAIN growbags onto a standard 120cm wooden broomstick and secure directly e.g. to a pallisade fence, garden wall or railing.
Otherwise order style option that includes HANGER (single display pennant) 
*N.B. Plants not included.
       See options for Gift Kit options including accessories.

Space saving compact size is great for patios, porticos, balconies and other small or limiting spaces. Modular display stack vertically to save space occupied; multiple units create decorative row and column configurations. See Plantup-za's Rigging HOW TO tutorial.
Be ecologically conscious with streamlined permaculture and sustainable organic practices; i.e. companion planting, eco friendly pest control, water wise savings, nutrient reclamation and much more.  

Easily maintain beneficial nutrient and moisture conditions for both plants and helpful soil organisms. 
Prolong plants' peak growing season; reposition as seasonal sunlight and micro-climate conditions change. 

Choose plants based on micro + macro climate conditions = seasonal light conditions, temperature and weather conditions in your garden. Suitable for shallow rooting small to medium sized plants. Grow a companionable mix of herbs, flowers and edibles.

Hang at a convenient height. Hook up and remove from suitable vertical support structures; safely, easily and quickly using Plantup-za’s S-Hooks.

See Plantup-za HOW TO Blog & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages to get you up and growing: Product usage tech info guidance and D.I.Y instructions.