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Hanging Gardens 4U: 

Have wall? - will garden! Use PUZA growbags and accessories
Discover sweat-free, space saving, options for URBAN MICRO-GARDENING.
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Get creative in vertical garden spaces. Specifically designed Growbags & Accessories in urban micro climates;
A unique fabric plantpot range. Developed, tested and manufactured in Cape Town.
• Practical simplicity • Inexpensive system • Durable geo-fabric • Minimal maintenance • Water-wise • Eco-friendly • Nutrient recycling • Time saving


Agents wanted: Earn extra income, Sell our growbags and/or supply *pre-planted Plantup-za goods to friends, neighbours, family and local businesses etc... *Pre-planted means 'All inclusive' = plants, amended soil, PUZA growbags and transplanting labour provided. Visit our agents and retailers for ideas inspiration to supply to your neighbourhood. A super fantastic value added service. See PUZA's FIND@ calendar & retail outlets. 

Communal neighbourhood & school gardens: We'd love to get involved with your community and fundraising projects !!


Benefits your fast paced lifestyle

We know how important your time, energy and money is. So get ready to streamline, simplify and de-clutter with Plantup-za's methods and products. 

• Make best use of limited or non traditional garden areas. 
• We create and manufacture fabric "plant pot" containers
• Durable fabric + minimal maintenance required = machine washable fabrics
• For both indoor and outdoor use (ensure using a drip-tray indoors)
• Easy starter for beginners to gardening.  
• Educational quality time for both parent & child. Learn, grow and enjoy as a family 
• Practical +  inexpensive using modern sustainable organic permaculture techniques.
​• Optimizing nutrient absorption; for happier healthier plants + edible produce
• Featuring built in eco-friendly water & nutrient recycling options = SUPER BONUS +++ it is water wise



What "urban micro climates" do we suggest ?

+ patios, balconies, verandas, porticos, stoeps, entryways (wherever sufficient light is available to grow happy plants)
+ walls (especially vibrecrete), palisade fencing, bolted hooks to your building walls. (any wind protected space where plants can thrive in safety)
+ low fences:- picket fence, horizontal balcony and staircase railings or balustrades. (Ensure hanging growbags are securely attached to support structures with sturdy back support.)
+ hung from overhead beams or vertical poles e.g. verandas, carports, even shelves or plain old bolted-in wall hooks.

** Remember to choose plants that will thrive in chosen micro-climate i.e. full sun loving vs shade tolerant
Check what plants are available seasonally at your trusted local nursery. 




Hello ... Plantup-za ... (PUZA) Garden Growbags & Accessories

Fabric hanging and/or stacking plant containers for urban greening as result of collating years of experience:

I am an avid gardener with limited space and resources. I have tried every new-fangled suedo permaculture gardening technique to my patch of Western Cape's sandy, poor soil conditions (leaching Capeflats dredged vlei in urban sprawl) with limited or unsustainable successes and lots of heartbreak. At best; a single season of great plants. Every three months having to start all over feeding my uncooperative soil with 'bakkie' loads of back breaking digging and muck spreading. After three years of heavier than usual winter flooding (watching 10 years of topsoil build up wash away down the gutter)

I started looking into vertical gardening, as potted plants required too much fuss + time + attention. Rotting wood containers leaching tannins into topsoil, concrete containers seeping acid/alkaline whatevers, plastic pots broiling roots, compacting soil and percolating organic matter to be washed away too fast to be absorbed by plants.

Finally some sunshine = PUZA growbags and accessories is the culmination of at least five years worth of innovation, tests, trial 'n error improvements with fabric plant pots.

It started by trying fads that looked amazing but really didn't work so well in my situation and climate i.e. growing in shoebags, shopping bags and plastic bottles. Then analyzing carefully why these didn't work well in the long run. Improving on techniques that showed promise and fixing the ideas that didn't pan out in thriving plants. With tenacious application of tech-geek protocols+  research + tests + practical methodology. A lifetime’s worth of textile lab trials and clothing design practicalities and resources. To develop a product suited to the variable South African climate and modern lifestyle.

Pssssst ... Secret's in the fabric's performance
which is based on fibre's properties plus weave integrity in combination with practical design ... now you know how Plantup-za evolved organically. 
A unique product range proudly made and created in South Africa for your benefit.